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Sat. 5/19
Sun. 5/20
2:00 PM
2:30 PM
Little Witches Workshop Weekend @ Cauldrons Flame CT Based on E. Massey’s tentative book, The Little Witch’s Curriculum, these workshops were created for both child and parent to learn and explore Pagan spirituality and Magick through fun and informative activities and discussions. Â... more
Sat. 6/16 6:00 PM The Creative Magick Circle with Author E. Massey Based on E. Massey’s first book, “Casting Creative Magickal Circles”, attendees will learn and discuss the history, ways, and alternatives to casting the magick circle. Books will be available to purchase and sign. Time Duration: ... more
Sat. 7/14
Sun. 7/15
10:00 AM
8:00 PM
E. Massey at Witchfest USA 2018 [IMAGE] 7th Annual WitchsFest USA - A Pagan Street Faire July 14th 2018 Astor Place (bet. Broadway & Lafayette Streets) AND July 15th 2018 Hell's Kitchen Market West 39th (bet. 9th & 10th Avenue) Manhattan, New York City  HOSTE... more
Fri. 7/20 7:00 PM Magickal Paint & Sip at Cauldron and the Cupboard NJ Artist, Author, and Witch, E. Massey’s most popular and one of a kind workshop that combines art and magick in a relaxed and fun class. No artistic or magickal skills needed, everyone is a magickal artist. E. Massey will guide attendees in cr... more
Fri. 8/10 7:00 PM Candle Magick w/ E. Massey At Cauldron and the Cup NJ In this intense Candle Magick workshop with author, E. Massey, students will discover how this easy and simple, yet powerful, form of magick can benefit your life. Attendees will explore the wide variety of candle types, oils, herbs, and other magick... more
Sun. 8/19 4:00 PM Divination for Kids w/ E. Massey at Cauldron and the Cupboard NJ

In this workshop for parents, participants will learn easy and fun divination methods to teach their children and ways to foster a child’s intuition.

$25 p/p one child included

Details coming soon.

Fri. 9/7 7:00 PM Tarot Magick & Spellcasting w/ E. Massey In this one-hour workshop attendees will learn how to use tarot cards as a symbolic and spiritual link to specific desired outcomes of spell and magickal workings. Because all one needs is a deck and a positive mind there is no previous knowledge or ... more
Sat. 9/22 11:00 AM The Art Of Magickal Art workshop @ Soul Journey NJ Based on E. Massey's most popular workshop, Magickal Paint and Sip. This class will explain how attendees can create a magickal masterpiece of their own. Learning how to incorporate magick and spellwork into art with color, herbs, energy, and intenti... more
Sat. 10/20 10:00 AM Big Blue Bunny In The Basement Childrens [email protected] Soul Journey NJ Based on E. Massey’s tentative book, The Little Witch’s Curriculum, this introductory workshop for parents and their children discusses the difference between imaginary friends and spirit visits. Learn how to incorporate ancestor reverenc... more
Sat. 11/10 11:00 AM Candle Magick Workshop @ Soul Journey NJ Students will discover this easy and simple, yet powerful, form of magick. Attendees will explore the wide variety of candles types, oils, herbs, and other magickal additions that can be used. Learn to create your own candle spells and perform a spec... more
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